Snow Cap Mods Handy LE #019


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The Limited Edition Handy 21700 LE – A collaboration between Snow Cap Mods and CS Wood Designs.

This 21700 mech squonker boasts a 3D printed, heat resistant Nylon body in a charcoal grey color paired with hybrid stabwood and resin doors, featuring the SCM logo nicely engraved on the front. The standard Handy 21700 has a matching printed door that we opted to delete in favor of hybrid doors for these Limited Edition versions.

The 510 is constructed of stainless steel and naval brass with a solid copper fire bar and high quality, smoke colored silicone bottle with Ultem cap.

Each has a matching handwritten serial number on the inside of the mod and on the back of the door. The back corner of the body has a radius molded into it to match the curvature of your hand.

Is just a simple design with the good feel and durability for all day carry…. plus stabwood. Lol.


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